About the project

The primary objective of the project is to advance excellence in IT education for women, particularly in the areas of cybersecurity and data protection, enhance the quality of women’s education in Georgia using the EU’s best practices, and encourage communication between academia and society. Additionally, the project aims to raise women’s understanding of data protection in a broader social context.

Within the framework of the WISEC Academy, a comprehensive intensive learning program will be organized for women from different segments (for students, general public, specialists with IT background/education) in the field of cyber security, based on the experience of the EU. Cybersecurity trainings will also be held for women from the regions to increase awareness of data security issues. The main focus of the events will be on students and general public. The project will target not only the host institution but will cover a wider and diverse spread of students and motivated women from public.
The project has the potential to drive innovation and tackle cyber issues with limited resources for businesses, organizations, and society as a whole. Both the business and government sectors require a reliable source of highly skilled and knowledgeable employees. Without doubts, the WISEC Academy will be a resounding success and will elicit public support, as education is a highly relevant social issue, especially in terms of advancing gender equality in the nation.

The project has the next specific objectives:
▪ Review of the EU’s best experience in learning and teaching cyber security and data protection;
▪ Development specialized cyber security academy for women (for each target group – general public, students, women with IT background/education) – WISEC Academy;
▪ Development of online cybersecurity trainings for women from regions especially on cybersecurity and personal data protection in accordance with EU standards;
▪ Enhance the level of women’s education in cybersecurity and data protection in Georgia and produce highly qualified women in IT.


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